THE HOUSE OF COURVOISIER // In a category dominated by deep-pocketed competitors, Courvoisier needed to stand out as the category's thought leader. We threw out every convention and played into our audience's taste for luxury brands and conspicuous branding to arrive at "The House of Courvoisier" campaign. This highly successful print campaign catapulted Courvoisier from the sixth largest in case sales to the third largest, in just three months. More than a year after the launch of this campaign in 2000, qualitative and quantitative testing placed this particular campaign at the top of the list in terms of recall and favorability, with numbers never achieved, even by Nike.  


PASS THE COURVOISIER // Back in the day – the year 2000 to be exact – being mentioned by a rap artist in a music video virtually certified your brand as pop culturally relevant. We leaned into a product placement deal with Busta Rhymes...and it worked. To this day, when I say, "Pass the Courvoisier," most people remember the song, the artist, and the brand.